United Home Life Burial Insurance Review

This month United Home Life Insurance Company will celebrate 70 years insuring lives just like your own. Their parent company, United Farm Family Life Insurance Company, also has a long history of providing life insurance products—over 80 years. These life insurers must be doing something right to continue insuring families, generation after generation.

Financially, this life insurer appears to be very solid. In fact, United Home Life and United Farm Family Life have a combined $2 Billion in assets. They also herald a collective total of $20 Billion in life insurance on their books.

Plus, A.M. Best attests to United Home Life’s financial strength by granting the carrier an A- (Excellent) rating.

United Home Life is a small carrier based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is primarily known form simplified issue life insurance. They also boast of a focus on providing excellent customer service by their home office staff and the independent agents selling their products.

One thing many Americans like is United Home Life’s focus on getting insulin-dependent diabetics set-up on a life insurance plan, when they are typically turned down by other carriers.

United Home Life Burial Insurance Policies

United Home Life Insurance is best known for simplified issue policies that are no higher than $50,000. We put together additional details about the coverages they sell.

Simplified Issue Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

This is probably their most popular category of insurance products. It comes in three different versions known as Express Issue Premier, Express Issue Deluxe, and Express Issue Whole Life.

United Home Life is known for trying to accommodate all types of individuals with all sorts of unique circumstances. The Simplified Issue Final Expense Whole Life policy provides the following assurances:

  • Simplified issue, no medical exams or testing
  • A few basic health questions and a short health interview over the phone
  • Death benefit never goes down
  • Premiums never go up
  • Policy grows cash value over time, as long as premiums are paid

Something to keep in mind, the Express Issue Whole Life plan is a graded benefit. This means if you die during the first two years of the coverage as a result of natural causes, United Home Life will refund all your premiums plus interest. If you die in the first two years because of an accident, your beneficiary will receive the full death benefit. Once you hit the 3rd year of the policy, there are no loopholes like this one.

Express Issue Deluxe and Premier both have immediate death benefits available.

Provider Whole Life Insurance

United Home Life advertises this product as a great policy for all stages of life, including children and grandchildren. This type of policy covers adults 18-80 years of age. Below are some of the features of the Provider Whole Life Insurance which includes no-cost riders and added benefits.

  • Simplified issue, no medical exams or testing or health questions required
  • Death benefit never goes down
  • Premiums never go up
  • Policy grows cash value over time, as long as premiums are paid
  • “Preferred” ratings and lower premiums available for those that qualify
  • Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
  • Accidental Death Benefit, Life Threatening Cancer Accelerated Benefit (available on face amounts $25,000 and higher)

Provider Whole Life Insurance is an immediate death benefit.

Term Life Insurance

This product offers a defined amount of coverage for a set amount of time (known as the “term”) usually 20 or 30 years. Once the term comes to an end, the policy will continue but the premiums will increase annually. Normally the policy will last until age 95 years old.

All four of the Term Life Insurance products this carrier sells are level death benefits. This means the face amount paid upon your death remains the same no matter when you pass away. If you were to die six months after the policy starts or 16 years into the policy, your loved ones will receive the same death benefit amount no matter what.

Term Life includes several different policy riders to select from, if you so wish.

Other Life Insurance Product Offerings From United Home Life

Policy Death Benefit Premiums Underwriting Riders
Express Issue Whole Life Graded Death Benefit Premiums Never Increase Simplified Issue Additional Riders Available
Express Issue Premier Immediate Death Benefit Premiums Never Increase Simplified Issue Additional Riders Available
Express Issue Deluxe Immediate Death Benefit Premiums Never Increase Simplified Issue Additional Riders Available
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Graded Death Benefit Premiums Never Increase NO underwriting, can’t be turned down for coverage N/A
Provider Immediate Death Benefit Premiums Never Increase Simplified Issue Additional Riders Available
Term Life Level Death Benefit Premiums Never Increase Simplified Issue Additional Riders Available

United Home Life Burial Insurance Rates

When compared to other burial insurance companies on the market, United Home Life certainly stands out as one of the more affordable burial insurance options. The following case studies show some sample burial insurance rates for United Home Life.  keep in mind that as health declines and age increases, rates will increase as well.


Case Study: Male, Non-Smoker, Excellent Health, 20 Year Term, $50,000 Face Amount

Age Monthly Rate
25 years old $20
35 years old $21
45 years old $36
50 years old $52
55 years old $72


Case Study: Female, Non-Smoker, Excellent Health, 20 Year Term, $50,000 Face Amount

Age Monthly Rate
25 years old $17
35 years old $19
45 years old $28
50 years old $36
55 years old $48

How Does United Home Life Compare?

We’re pleased to report United Home Life’s statements about how much they value outstanding customer service does check-out. For example, United Home Life has been Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited since 2016. This carrier currently has an A+ rating from BBB. Furthermore, the BBB website only shows a history of 2 customer complaints (one from 2016 and the other from 2017). Both of these customer complaints were in regard to billing on a new policy.

We also checked the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) to find out the life insurer’s track record. The most recent Complaint Index Ratio available was from 2016. The published report indicates a 1.0 as the benchmark of an acceptable insurance carrier complaint ratio. United Home Life had a .28 Complaint Index Ratio—well below average.

As far as United Home Life’s policy offerings, overall they are pretty much what you would expect for simplified issue. It’s great they include no-cost riders and benefits that can be added. Even better is their acceptance of insulin-dependent diabetics which tend to be turned down with other carriers.

While looking through United Home Life’s rates, we found their pricing isn’t too bad. However, there were certainly other, more popular life insurers that could beat them such as Sagicor.

Some online feedback from industry insiders indicates United Home Life is always the last choice for agents and clients. The rates are competitive, but not the best, and their same product design is available from other carriers.

We were slightly disappointed that more information was not available regarding United Home Life.

Is United Home Life Best for me?

United Home Life Insurance products are best for individuals that only want (or need) a low face amount. This is not a carrier that will issue a $500,000 no exam life insurance policy. Their insurance products are basic and the death benefits are just enough to cover funeral costs and maybe a few personal debts left behind.

This life insurer may also be best for those that want to avoid a traditional medical underwriting process. By going with United Home Life, you will be skipping the exams, physician statements, and blood/urine testing.

United Home Life Burial Insurance Review – Bottom Line

United Home Life Insurance company is a solid, long-standing life insurer that remains focused on simplified issue products. They are financially solid and have decent rates. Depending on what your needs for burial insurance are, United Home Life may be your best option. As always, it’s a great idea to shop around with the help of a trusted insurance agent for guidance.

How to Find the Best Burial Life Insurance Coverage

There are 3 basic steps to take when shopping for burial life insurance coverage.

First, look for the life insurer with underwriting guidelines that are in your favor. This is when having an experienced insurance agent is the most helpful. An insurance agent can let you know which life carrier is more prone to offer to coverage with your unique health history and lifestyle choices.

One life insurer may look at your application and decline you because of a past cancer scare. On the other hand, another life insurer may dismiss that past cancer scare based on their underwriting guidelines. You wanna go with the carrier that’s most interested in you!

Second, make sure you are getting the most competitive rates. Get quotes from as many carriers as you can to compare each of their products and pricing. If you just go with the first life insurance company that you come across then you may end up paying way too much. Shop around!

Third, check on the insurance company’s financial ratings and their online customer reviews. Doing a bit of investigating can save you a lot of hassle later on! You want to be sure the life carrier you pick provides excellent service and can pay their bills.

Work With an Expert to Find the Best Burial Insurance Coverage

To find the best burial insurance rates, policies, and companies, we strongly recommend working with an independent life insurance agent who represents multiple life insurance companies, not just one.

Our agents work with some of the best burial insurance companies on the market in order to help our clients find the most affordable burial insurance coverage for them and their families.

Give our agents a call today to identify the best burial insurance coverage options for you. Or, get started today using our online burial insurance quoting tool for instant burial insurance quotes.

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