Life insurance is a necessity for those who want to protect their loved ones from the burden of paying for unexpected expenses during their time of grief. Of course, not everyone can afford the coverage they want, and not everyone is allowed to pay for the coverage they need because of preexisting medical conditions. In.. More

There are plenty of ways that you can maximize your estate. One of the best ways to leverage the money you have and provide for your estate at the time that you pass away is to have whole life insurance, especially whole life insurance that has been paid up to date. How is this possible?.. More

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As a senior it can seem difficult to find an affordable life insurance policy, leaving many people to feel as though they “waited too long” to get life insurance. However, this is simply not true. In a way, your age can work to your advantage when purchasing life insurance as a senior. Because you likely.. More

Life insurance is a much needed financial tool to protect one’s loved ones and assets in the event of their untimely death. Being such a large and competitive industry, life insurance has gotten to the point where policies are customizable to fit with the policyholder’s lifestyle and financial situation. Depending on the life insurance company,.. More

End of life planning doesn’t have to break the bank. Plan for just the essentials with final expense insurance. If you’ve begun retirement and end of life planning, then you know that there is no such thing as a simple funeral. It’s not something that you want to put off planning for until the end-.. More

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If you are the child of an aging parent, one of the most difficult things you may have to do is plan for the time when they are no longer around. Though it will hopefully be many years before that date actually arrives, it is important to begin thinking about the big “what ifs” sooner rather.. More

Quick Tip: Get INSTANT quotes by filling out the form on the side for whole life insurance policies for seniors.  Rates will be displayed on the next screen.  See how affordable it can be! Becoming a senior citizen is a major transition phase of life. After you turn 65 you are officially entering the golden years.. More