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burial insurance for 68 year olds

Burial Insurance For 68 Year Olds

If you are shopping around at 68 for burial insurance, chances are you are concerned with leaving a financial burden on your family. Burial insurance policies are often designed with seniors in mind, the same seniors who do not otherwise have financial problems any longer, no dependents, but still, want to make sure their burial…
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best term life insurance for seniors ages 65-70

Best Term Life Insurance for Seniors Ages 65-70

Once you become a senior citizen, term life insurance is not affordable. Have you ever heard that? Sure you have. Or how about this…You don’t need life insurance after you retire. That’s another rule of thumb, isn’t it? After you retire, there are still multiple reasons you may need life insurance. Age limits your options,…
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burial insurance for 65 year olds

Burial Insurance For 65 Years Olds

Even if you do not have dependents any longer and you do not have outstanding debt, your funeral will be expensive, and you certainly do not want to leave your parents, your children, or your spouse with any extra financial burden while they are suffering. We all know that at some point we will pass…
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burial insurance for 66 year olds

Burial Insurance For 66 Year Olds

Life insurance is important even at age 66. Most people who have never had coverage, or who had it early on but then it expired, might think that it is no longer a necessity because they no longer have children living at home or a business partner to protect. However, this is not the case.…
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buying life insurance for children

Buying Life Insurance For Grandchildren

Grandparents often think about buying a life insurance policy for a grandchild. However, they may get confused by how that actually works. Grandparents may wonder if this is even legal. They may be curious about the pros and cons of a grandparent buying life insurance for grandchildren. Grandparents may want to know what they will…
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burial insurance for 73 year olds

Burial Insurance For 73 Year Old

The Social Security Administration (SSA) advises that the average 73 year old American male will live until at least the age of 86 years old. SSA also states the average 73 year old American female will live until 88 years of age. This means you’ll have at least another decade, and probably much longer, to…
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burial insurance for 74 year olds

Burial Insurance for 74 Year Olds

Burial insurance is something you can get for yourself to provide for your family. It’s also something you can get for a spouse or a parent, with their consent. It’s a small life insurance policy that gives enough money to pay for most funerals. That way no family member is left struggling with grief and…
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burial insurance for 64 year olds

Burial Insurance for 64 Year Olds

Burial insurance helps a family cover the expenses of someone’s passing. The cost of a funeral can quickly add up, leaving many families scrambling to put together several thousand dollars, sometimes on short notice. This type of life insurance is a minimalist policy. The benefit is just enough to cover the costs of burial or…
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burial insurance quote for 70-79 year olds

Burial Insurance Quotes For 70-79 Year Olds

Burial insurance policies give your beneficiaries money upon your passing to cover any expenses that have been left behind, such as funeral costs or medical bills. Many insurance policies fail to address the costs that family members must cover for a funeral in particular. Most caskets alone cost upward of $8,000 to $10,000 not to…
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