reasons seniors buy life insurance

Reasons that Seniors Buy Life Insurance

The older you are, the bigger the risk you pose to life insurance companies. For this reason, it is imperative that seniors buy life insurance sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the few other options you will have available to you because of your age or your health. Moreover, the longer you wait…
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Burial Insurance For 60 Year Olds

When you reach your sixties, your financial obligations change. You might have a second mortgage for a second home or you could still be paying off the tail end of your first mortgage. You could have children who are permanently dependent upon you, a spouse who is also permanently dependent upon your income, or perhaps…
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how burial insurance work for each state

How Does Burial Insurance Differ By State?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of laws regulating how you and you estate are treated once you die. These regulations affect burial insurance, final expense insurance, and pre-need burial plans. Each state is slightly different in the way a person is treated after they pass away. California is one of four states…
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burial insurance by age

Burial Insurance By Age

Are you afraid age has made life insurance too costly for you to buy? Like most life products, rates increase as you age, but this doesn’t mean that life insurance is out of reach. Life companies have created products specifically designed for people ages 40-85. These products go by many different names: Burial Insurance, Final…
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best ohio state regulated burial plans

Best Ohio State Regulated Burial Plans

In Ohio, the department that handles all funeral and cemetery regulation and enforcement is The State of Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. This organization has been serving the final needs of citizens of Ohio since 1904. The laws and regulations that are set forth by this organization are up-to-date and very comprehensive. They…
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best virginia state regulated burial insurance plans

Best Virginia State Regulated Burial Plans

In Virginia, the department responsible for the regulation of funeral services is the Virginia State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. It is this organization responsible for all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to licensing and regulatory compliance for professionals and funeral homes alike. Virginia has proactive rules for burial plans, with statues and provisions…
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pennsylvania burial insurance plans

Best Pennsylvania State Regulated Burial Plans

Many of the usual provisions of Burial Plans in other states are relaxed in Pennsylvania. This is not to say Pennsylvania allows criminal activity. The laws surrounding a prepaid burial are more generous to the consumer, than in other states and allows for the funeral director to offer many different types of arrangements, under the…
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burial insurance plans in georgia

Best Georgia State Regulated Burial Plans

Georgia law is very aware of the most current funeral service organizations on the internet. The Georgia Board of Funeral Service posts awareness alerts all the time, to let prepaid funeral plan purchasers know of any illegitimate or shady companies taking peoples money and not fulfilling their obligations properly. All funeral and burial services organizations…
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burial insurance for 67 year olds

Burial Insurance for 67 Year Olds

The majority of 67 year olds, like yourself, are active and enthusiastic about their future. How can you not be excited for the coming years? After all, it’s finally that special time in your life to do everything you put off for so long. You have spent decades saving for your golden years and planning…
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