High Risk
burial insurance for people with health conditions

High Risk Life Insurance | Final Expense, Burial Insurance, Guaranteed Issue

Burial insurance is typically offered in small policy face amounts because of the life insurance company’s increased risk. Burial insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that is designed to cover the burial or final expenses that someone will incur when they die. It is commonly misconceived that people who have health issues cannot…
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burial insurance for diabetics

Burial Insurance For Diabetics

Far too often you hear people talk about being denied for life insurance because they have diabetes. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people who apply for life insurance are unaware that they have diabetes until the dreaded medical exam. The good news is that now life insurance companies have started to…
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best life insurance for the terminally ill

Burial Insurance For The Terminally Ill

Coping with a terminal illness is devastating for both the person who is ill and the family members he or she will be leaving behind. Worrying about funeral expenses and the cost of final bills can make an already difficult time even worse, particularly if the person who is sick doesn’t already have life insurance…
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burial insurance for cancer patients

Life Insurance For Cancer Patients

Over 900,000 men and 800,000 women are affected by cancer yearly. Exacerbating that issue is that 46% of all Americans will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. The good news is, even with such a high incident rate cancer sufferers can still be insured. Nearly 14.7 million people diagnosed with cancer lived beyond doctors’ expectations,…
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