Company Reviews

American National Insurance Company (ANICO) was founded back in 1905 and today has over 100 billion dollars in life insurance policies issued. They are considered the most trustworthy financial institution by Forbes Magazine with A ratings from A.M. Best and Standard & Poor. American National is best known for their ability to repay claims quickly.. More

Liberty started out in 1958 in Dallas Texas. Today they handle 1.3 billion dollars in asset. A.M. Best has given them a rank of B++.  In the year 2000 they purchased American benefit life and then Affiliated themselves in 2007 with the capital Life Insurance Company. Liberty Bankers Life operates in 47 United States, offering.. More

This month United Home Life Insurance Company will celebrate 70 years insuring lives just like your own. Their parent company, United Farm Family Life Insurance Company, also has a long history of providing life insurance products—over 80 years. These life insurers must be doing something right to continue insuring families, generation after generation. Financially, this.. More

Burial insurance is a form of whole life insurance that gives you a limited death benefit. As with other whole life insurance policies, your coverage remains in effect so long as you pay your premiums and it has the potential to build a moderate cash value. The biggest restriction that you will find with burial.. More

Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Term policy gives you the coverage and flexibility you need when unexpected medical situations arise. You can change your protection as needed and protect your financial future. This is a term policy at the end of which you can choose to convert to a permanent policy if needed. It functions the.. More

Foresters Financial knows that there is no one size fits all solution to life insurance, especially for seniors. That is why they work hard to provide a range of whole life insurance policies that offer burial insurance coverage to those who need it. Foresters Life Insurance Company Foresters Financial is an international financial services provider.. More

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company has operated for over 50 years providing final expense burial insurance policies for customers in 49 states. Today they offer over 878,000 policies valued at 6.6 billion dollars. The company offers one type of life insurance, their final expense policy called Funeral Advantage. About Lincoln Heritage Company Founded in 1963.. More

As one of the best known Life Insurance Companies in the world Mutual of Omaha is one of the best known brands ever established. Founded in 1909 as Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association, offering life insurance and other products to individuals and groups, from its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. The company is best known.. More

StateFarm Insurance is low on most insurance comparison sites in its ranking, compared to the many bigger insurers out there. They have more complaints on average for their car insurance than the average rates for the industry. However, and their life insurance does not generate nearly as many complaints. About StateFarm StateFarm Insurance is the.. More