Burial Insurance By Age

Burial Insurance For 60 Year Olds

Written by Jeff Root

When you reach your sixties, your financial obligations change. You might have a second mortgage for a second home or you could still be paying off the tail end of your first mortgage. You could have children who are permanently dependent upon you, a spouse who is also permanently dependent upon your income, or perhaps.. More

Are you afraid age has made life insurance too costly for you to buy? Like most life products, rates increase as you age, but this doesn’t mean that life insurance is out of reach. Life companies have created products specifically designed for people ages 40-85. These products go by many different names: Burial Insurance, Final.. More

The majority of 67 year olds, like yourself, are active and enthusiastic about their future. How can you not be excited for the coming years? After all, it’s finally that special time in your life to do everything you put off for so long. You have spent decades saving for your golden years and planning.. More

Burial insurance is a wonderful form of protection for those who need coverage that only covers their final expenses, their burial costs. As you get older, your financial needs change. With that, so does the face amount you need with your insurance in many cases. You no longer have kids at home who are dependent.. More

It’s expensive to die! That’s a morbid thought, but it’s true. When you think of rising costs in society, you think of healthcare and maybe education, don’t you? Nobody realizes how high the average funeral cost today. The cost of dying has risen faster than any other segment of our economy over the last 30.. More

Burial insurance for 60-year-olds is a normal part of end-of-life planning. It is a small, usually permanent, life insurance policy. The death benefit (money your beneficiary will receive) should be just enough to cover your funeral. Maybe with some left over to pay any final bills. Why is Burial Insurance Important for 60 Year Olds?.. More

Burial insurance is a way to provide your loved ones with the money they need to cover your final expenses, specifically those related to your burial. The average funeral costs $9,000 and this is just for a middle of the road service. More complex services or larger headstones with a nice casket might cost much.. More

Burial insurance is a good investment no matter your age. It is a form of protection that comes with very few strings, offers just enough coverage to meet the financial requirements of your funeral, and gives your loved ones’ peace of mind. If you’re shopping for burial insurance you’re probably concerned about leaving behind a.. More

If you are shopping around at 68 for burial insurance, chances are you are concerned with leaving a financial burden on your family. Burial insurance policies are often designed with seniors in mind, the same seniors who do not otherwise have financial problems any longer, no dependents, but still, want to make sure their burial.. More