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pennsylvania burial insurance plans

Best Pennsylvania State Regulated Burial Plans

Many of the usual provisions of Burial Plans in other states are relaxed in Pennsylvania. This is not to say Pennsylvania allows criminal activity. The laws surrounding a prepaid burial are more generous to the consumer, than in other states and allows for the funeral director to offer many different types of arrangements, under the…
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burial insurance plans in georgia

Best Georgia State Regulated Burial Plans

Georgia law is very aware of the most current funeral service organizations on the internet. The Georgia Board of Funeral Service posts awareness alerts all the time, to let prepaid funeral plan purchasers know of any illegitimate or shady companies taking peoples money and not fulfilling their obligations properly. All funeral and burial services organizations…
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how does burial insurance work

How Burial Insurance Works

In the insurance business, we know it’s not comfortable to think about something like burial insurance. After all, it’s one thing to sign up for a life insurance plan so that your loved ones will be taken care of after you pass. It’s quite another to search for a plan that will take care of…
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burial insurance for 67 year olds

Burial Insurance for 67 Year Olds

The majority of 67 year olds, like yourself, are active and enthusiastic about their future. How can you not be excited for the coming years? After all, it’s finally that special time in your life to do everything you put off for so long. You have spent decades saving for your golden years and planning…
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best illinois state regulated burial plans

Best Illinois State Regulated Burial Plans

Illinois has some of the most comprehensive statutes concerning prepaid burial plans in the country. The regulatory body in the state is the Comptroller’s Office and each municipality regulates and enforces the funeral homes and cemetery associations in the state. Compliance with the laws governing burial and funeral arrangements is mandatory and funeral home directors…
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burial insurance quotes for 50 to 59 year olds

Burial Insurance Quotes For 50-59 Year Olds

Burial insurance is a wonderful form of protection for those who need coverage that only covers their final expenses, their burial costs. As you get older, your financial needs change. With that, so does the face amount you need with your insurance in many cases. You no longer have kids at home who are dependent…
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ameritas flx living benefits review

Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Review

Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Term policy gives you the coverage and flexibility you need when unexpected medical situations arise. You can change your protection as needed and protect your financial future. This is a term policy at the end of which you can choose to convert to a permanent policy if needed. It functions the…
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burial insurance for 70 year olds

Burial Insurance For 70 Year Olds

It’s expensive to die! That’s a morbid thought, but it’s true. When you think of rising costs in society, you think of healthcare and maybe education, don’t you? Nobody realizes how high the average funeral cost today. The cost of dying has risen faster than any other segment of our economy over the last 30…
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guaranteed issue life insurance

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Life insurance is a necessity for those who want to protect their loved ones from the burden of paying for unexpected expenses during their time of grief. Of course, not everyone can afford the coverage they want, and not everyone is allowed to pay for the coverage they need because of preexisting medical conditions. In…
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