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We know what’s important in covering your final expenses:

1.  Budget friendly (low cost)
2. Guaranteed (coverage and payments remain level)
3. Stability of company
4. Easy application (no home visit from an agent of medical exam) finds the lowest priced burial insurance coverage on the market from the nation’s top rated carriers.

The HARDEST part about finding low cost burial insurance coverage is actually finding the best company that YOU can qualify for.

Let us explain.

Your health determines what rates you can qualify for.  You may find a company with really low rates on our site, but you might not qualify for those rates based on that companies health questions.

So here’s what we do on your behalf:

1.  We’ll enter in your gender, date of birth, state and coverage amount into our quoting software that compare ALL the burial insurance companies.  Here’s an example of what we see (and what you’ll see if you fill out our quote form):


2.  We go down the list of carriers like in the image above, starting with the cheapest.  Then we determine if you can qualify for the cheapest company and if not, we move to the next one and then the next one.   We do this until we find the cheapest rates you can qualify for.

The great thing about burial insurance coverage is you either qualify for it or you don’t.  It’s accept or reject.  It’s not like traditional life insurance where they’ll charge you more if you’re not in good health.  So it really is as simple as knowing the underwriting guidelines for each company and seeing what the best price you can qualify for is based on your health, medications, health history, smoker status, build, etc.


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